I'm Mike Turtle. I'm a professional writer and producer with 30 years of experience in all aspects of music, including production and arrangement, live concerts, and ten years teaching music to children. I run and work from my own studio. Music is my life, and I love what I do.

Depending on your wishes and the recordings you provide, and working with anything from baby talk to a spoken or sung message, I compose and record songs and deliver a finished mix of up to five minutes in length in high quality audio.


An inspired moment of magic is shared with family and friends - a video recording of your child laughing and singing. These days it's so easy to make and share wonderful moments - but what happens next? Scrolling through online updates to find that special time can be frustrating.

Awawawa offers a unique way for these memories to be treasured and enjoyed forever.

Original compositions are created with a combination of live instruments and natural sounds, in a wide variety of styles, from classic rock to rap, from rhumba to pop, from opera to hiphop, marches to minuets, and more.

Your song can be created with a recording of one child or a small group of children. It can be simple spoken messages in time to the music, or something more sophisticated, with a sympathetically arranged musical backing. Parents can also play, joining in with any of their children's pieces as they wish.

Your song can be funny, heartfelt, simple, or a three-hanky tearjerker. It could be a message of congratulations on a loved one's special occasion, or a fun song composed for a friend or relative, or a present to show you care.

Awawawa is a unique service, and it’s my aim to give unmatched value. I only accept payment from satisfied customers.

If you've read this far and you're interested, let's chat. First off, I offer a free consultation to determine your preferences. We will discuss musical style and direction, and see what can be done with your ideas and recordings. This initial briefing session can be in person (if you're local to the Basel area in North West Switzerland) - or, if you can't meet personally over coffee, I use Skype for video calls, and I even have a regular telephone.

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