finished song: (with video)

Polina wishing happy birthday and singing to mummy (source: iPhone recording)

Senya rocking out! (source: iPhone recording)

Senya singing a song for his sweetheart Anya (source: iPhone recording)

Martha in a merry Christmassy mood (source: iPhone recording)

Grisha’s tribute to Spiderman (source: iPhone recording)

Alice in reflective mode (Source: macbook microphone)

Amelia, featuring her father on violin (source: analogue video camera)

A very hungry Senya (Source: iPhone recording)

Jeanne sings for her brother (source: iPhone recording)

Senya rocking his baby!! Original audio (source: iPhone recording)

Senya rocking his baby!! Finished version

Senya’s Russian song, here’s the original audio (source: iPhone recording)

Here’s what I did with help from Polina (rap) and Maryana (backing vocals)

Anna had “no idea” what she was singing (Source: studio recording)

Grisha praising his hero: Elektro!! (source: macbook recording)

Arthur catching the skyboard to New York (source: studio recording)

Gleb sings about love thrash metal style (source: studio recording)

Selected audio, with some before and after clips.

Listen to some more songs


Alice moaning about school (source: macbook microphone)

more songs here

Ben and his scary monster song

Ben’s original recording (source iPhone)

Thomas happily babbling

Here’s the original iPhone recording

Senya’s song about basketball (source: iPhone recording)

Time to meet the boss (source: studio recording)

original audio

Cool !!! (source: iPhone)

Vanya loves his carrots

(source: studio recording)

Pierre wishing his dad a happy birthday

original audio

A very special track!!!!

Vasilisa’s heartbeat was recorded in her mother’s womb, and this forms the rhythmic basis for the first part of the track. The second part is some orchestrated baby freestyling.

Senya on the Road of Peace. A wonderful tribute to his favourite musical style of the moment: Bluegrass