wearedust: Mike Turtle and Jessica Knoll

Mike was born in Croydon, Surrey (UK) 1960. He started in music playing drums and piano aged eight, playing in school and local youth orchestras as well as the school jazz band, the National Youth Jazz Orchestra, and various local rock bands. 1978 to 1981 saw him studying percussion under James Blades at the Royal Academy of Music in London, as well as piano and composition. Also at this time he was playing with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra as well as drumming for 60s pop legend Kathy Kirby. He received LRAM (teaching) and GRSM (graduation) diplomas. During 1983 he recorded a solo album at home which was released by Shout Records. Since coming to Switzerland in 1988 he has worked as a programmer, arranger, composer and producer, writing jingles for radio and TV, as well as producing, arranging and playing with such diverse artists and projects as Wake Up 93, Pingu, It's Five to Twelve, Thomas Moeckel, Danü Sigrist, Bonnie Jeanne Taylor, Emmanuel Bex, Natacha, Oskar Klein, Whysome, No Angels, Monika Miller, Sue Mathys, Tea 4 Two, Willie Nininger and Vince Benedetti. In 2001 he wrote the music for the equitainment production,"Le Prince".

Jessica started singing at an early age, becoming a part of DUST aged 18. In 2001 she played the part of the princess in Equitainment's production of "Le Prince" - composed by Mike - in Essen D and Bern CH, and has collected much experience through many studio jobs, DUST recordings and live events with Skifflejessie and other formations.

They have been working together since 1999 and, since then, have created a huge song-repertoire. On the one hand the fantastic song architecture of Mike Turtle, composer, arranger and producer with an enormous musical background and know-how, and on the other hand the unique voice of singer Jessica Knoll. The first CD "Beyond Heaven" was released in 2005. In the autumn of 2006, they stepped into the public eye with their second CD entitled "We are us and Wearedust" and were chosen by radio DRS 3 in November 2006 as Swisstop band of the month. A third CD "Try to save your song" was released in June 2007. A fourth followed in 2008 and a fifth in 2009. At some point, DUST became WEAREDUST