It all started when Michal (also known as Michael) bought a portastudio in 1982 and put it in his parents' dining room, which he soon made his own space, with various instruments, and proceeded to spend the next 2 years recording such tracks as "the quasar of the unprogrammed", "B is for bird", "eegor" and the tracks that later became "music from the living room".

He then moved to Camden and became part of that early '80s Camden scene, playing with "the duplicates" "a bigger mercedes" and "the wicked kitchen staff" among others, and recording many more tracks on the portastudio right up until the time he bought an atari and left england in 1987.

Whilst working on the "wicked kitchen staff" album in 1983, he got talking to someone from the band’s record company who was interested in the then newish technology of portastudios. Shout Records subsequently agreed to release this legendary album from the recordings sent in by Michal.

All the music on the album was recorded on a 4 track portastudio, and in the living room of his parents’ house where he lived at the time.

The album cover was designed by Michal from old sticky side A and B labels from the cassettes used to make the recordings.

25 years later, Michal is in Switzerland (where he now lives) and, inspired by some recent buzzes about the album, decides to remix and remaster the tracks.

In 2015 Music From Memory release tracks from the (newly remixed and remastered) album plus other contemporary tracks, as 12 inch singles and a double album. In April 2018 MFM released “Return to Jeka” featuring 8 tracks from 1983-1985. In 2018, Zürich label Light of Other Days released “The Road Less Travelled” the first new music by Michal featuring Hove.

Back story and technical information on individual tracks:

Besides the instruments used, I had a Memory man delay unit, some kind of chorus pedal, a couple of nasty reverbs, an AKG mike. Sometimes I borrowed something else, but I can't remember what or when. There are no samples. Any found voices or sound effects or things that sound like they may be samples were just recorded directly to tape, or put onto tiny 2.5 second cassette loops (which I made myself) All the material was recorded on a Tascam 244 Portastudio (4 track) and mixed onto Metal Cassette. The original Album tracks were mixed onto ¼ inch tape and used a couple of other effects, like a GBS, and some sort of delay.